Recruitment / The Selection Process

You can rest assured that any candidates we propose to fill a vacancy are the result of a rigorous selection process.

Our filtering procedure takes place over several stages and is adapted to suit the parameters of the brief.

  • The interview
    Whatever the position, the interview plays the most vital role in the selection process. All our interviewers are highly experienced and use specialist techniques to truly evaluate a person's needs, temperament and abilities.
  • Medical screening
    We also carry out medical screening to research any health issues that may be involved. This can involve anything from a detailed questionnaire or a full examination by a State Registered Nurse.
  • Reference checks
    We take nothing for granted, and have an external auditing programme that validates all references, qualifications and other documentation.
  • Testing and evaluations
    Whether it's psychometric tests for key management positions, colour blindness tests for cabling workers, or basic literacy and numeracy for general personnel - we ensure that our candidates have the specific skills for the job.

Proof of our ability to marry the right people to the right job, is borne out through the exceptionally high number of long-term 'temporary' staff we employ, and clients we have retained for years.

The continued help and support of StaffFinders has been fantastic since the day we began using the agency, nothing is ever too much trouble. - Gary Amos, PPS Commercials