Career Starter.

Earn, Learn & Progress

Aged 16-23 and looking for an opportunity to
kick-start your career?

Staff Finders’ traineeship Career Starter Programme has been designed specifically with you in mind.

Whilst there are some great apprenticeship schemes available, we know many young people also become frustrated, feel they don’t deliver on their promise and simply fail to offer fulfilling experiences.

That is why we partner with successful local businesses which can offer genuine opportunities to young people to earn as they learn a trade, be it as a joiner, a plumber, a carpenter, electrician, machine operative, mechanic, plasterer, decorator or welder.

Our experience has found local businesses are crying out for young, enthusiastic, hard-working people who are keen to work hard and progress. It’s a chance to earn as you learn (on significantly more than an apprenticeship) and progress your career from a young age.

What do we ask of employers?

  • Recruit people aged between 16 and 23
  • Provide training in ‘hands-on’ trade skills
  • Pay more than the apprenticeship rates or minimum wage for the workers’ age
  • Aim to offer permanent roles when possible to those over 18

We support employers by:

  • Working with colleges and sixth forms to make young people aware of opportunities
  • Conducting initial interviews with applicants
  • Carrying out identification checks
  • Assisting with Health and Safety and Risk Assessments
  • Assisting with interviews and on-site inductions
  • Reviewing and assessing candidates’ progress

"I’m really excited about this project as I want to bring young people into the business and give them the opportunity to progress their careers like I did"

Simon Blakey, Head of GRP Operations, Walker Modular

From failing at school to part of a successful business.

For 18-year Lewis Pidd-Hicks, the Career Starter scheme has been a huge success.

He was awarded a full-time contract at Walker Modular as part of the woodshop team on his 18th birthday, having worked at the business for nine months in a temporary role.

“School wasn’t for me, and nor was college really,” he said,

“I contacted Staff Finders and they helped find a suitable place for me. I’m really pleased they brought me to Walkers. I’ve always had really good help and support, from the people on the shop floor to my line managers.

“I love earning money, it’s what gets me out of bed in a morning and on my bike for 20 minutes to get to work. I’ve was taking home more than £300 a month at 17.”

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Why Work With Us

Businesses supporting the Career Starter scheme have pledged to give young people a chance to learn a trade?

At Staff Finders we’ve identified employers willing to provide a genuine career path for our candidates to pursue. That’s why we ask that they begin on a salary of more than the minimum wage for their age, are offered on the job training in a much valued trade skill, and that a career path is available for them to transfer from temporary roles into full-time employment, after a six-month assessment period.

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