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Career Starter traineeship leads to full-time plumbing role with one of Hull’s biggest businesses

Career Starter traineeship leads to full-time plumbing role with one of Hull’s biggest businesses

When Sasha Milner left college with his qualification in plumbing, he faced the challenging prospect of finding an employer willing to give him an opportunity in the world of work.

Aged just 19, he sought the help of specialists at Staff Finders, and he has never looked back. Sasha was identified as an ideal candidate for the ‘Career Starter’ traineeship scheme, which is focussed on helping young people ‘earn, learn and progress’, bridging a gap in the recruitment of young people aged 16-23.

It offers more immediate earnings than apprenticeship schemes whilst also helping employers to meet high production demands and get the best value and output from their workforce.

Sasha was handed a set of tools to get him started by Staff Finders, who arranged a six-month training placement with leading Hull bathroom pod manufacturer Walker Modular.

Having started on £9.50 an hour (compared to the apprentice wage of £4.81 an hour), he experienced life on two production lines, starting on one where he was afforded more time to install showers and cisterns, before moving onto a faster, more demanding line.

Full-time contract awarded after six-month training period

Now, having completed his training period, he has been handed a full-time contract, earning £13 an hour as he works 6am-3pm shifts, five days a week.

“It has been a great learning experience for me here and I know that I am fortunate to have a job where I am earning £13 an hour at my age,” he said.

“When I completed my Level 2 City Guilds at East Riding College I called Staff Finders to see if they were aware of any local businesses that were recruiting, and it was they who suggested I go onto the Career Starter programme.

“I’ve learned a lot since joining and I was given a chance quite early on to progress as a space became available on the faster production line and I took the opportunity. I basically have to installed showers and cisterns on the pods as they come along the line, and although it’s a demanding job, I enjoy it.

“My pay has been increased a few times as I have become more experienced and taken on more responsibility, so it’s been a great place to progress. It can obviously seem quite daunting at my age to come to a business like this as it is so big, but I’ve had lots of support and the people here are all nice. It has been a good move for me.”

‘Earn, learn and progress’

Katie Connell, General Manager at Staff Finders, says she is delighted to see another Career Starter trainee progress to full-time employment.

“We’re delighted at how things have worked out for Sasha and he deserves great credit for throwing himself into the working world and becoming a valued member of the team at Walkers,” she said.

“The Career Starter programme was established for people like Sasha who want to get out and start earning some money, whilst at the same time learning a valuable skill and trade.

“We are very grateful for the continued support of the management at Walker Modular, who have recognised the value young, driven people can bring to the business, offering an environment of support where they can develop and progress.

“Should any other employers wish to talk to us about the Career Starter scheme, and how it can help their recruitment, we would of course be delighted to talk to them.

“It is important to offer young people a route like this into work. Further education, university and apprenticeships don’t suit everybody, so the employers willing to take on and train young people in hands-on skills, the better.”

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