Staff Finders offering rapid Covid-19 testing to give recruiting businesses extra peace of mind

Staff Finders have introduced rapid Covid-19 testing of candidates who are selected for temporary work, giving employers extra peace of mind over site and employee safety.

Business Development Director Gizela Fiutowska says it is a service which has already been appreciated by employers across the region.

“We’re heading to a time of year where many employers involved in seasonal industries will need to increase their numbers on site, and they of course can ill-afford any outbreaks of Covid-19 as this can lead to significant site shutdowns if people need to isolate.

“That is why we are offering rapid tests which are administered before candidates are sent to site. The tests can identify a current Covid-19 infection in just 15 minutes, so that is really beneficial for both the employer and candidate, and of course the wider public in halting the spread of the virus.”

Should you wish to speak to our team about recruitment and testing of candidates, call us on 01482 211000.

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